SNS Dip powder | The best thing that'll happen to your nails



One of the most therapeutic things for me is painting my nails, i've gotten so good that I can paint perfectly with my non dominant left hand. Your nails can complete your outfit look but also deflect attention if they aren't in the best condition. Since I took a break from the nail salon I was searching for budget friendly polishes and base/top coats, oddly enough I found awesome brands including OPI, Essie, and Sally Henson for a discounted price at Tj Maxx and Marshalls. Using regular polishes gave me the salon manicure look but in the comfort of my home, while also saving a couple $$$. The downside to the at home manicure is not the price but the life span of the manicure. If I take my time and lay a hardening base coat with 2-3 coats of polish on top and then seal it with a fast drying top coat my nails will be chip free for about 6-8 days (which isn't horrible but sometimes that just doesn't cut it). 

I finally got fed up with my nails looking like a chipped hot mess and decided to try this "dip" thing everyone is raving about and girrrrrllllllll BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! Although my manicures no longer cost $4-$6 its well worth the investment. I currently get my nails done every 2-3 weeks (depending on if I get tired of the color but never because of chipping). My dip manicures usually cost between $35-$40+TIP but depending on the area the price may fluctuate. The dipping powder is supposed to be healthier for your nails than gel and especially acrylic. If you're looking for a odorless twist to acrylic then girl dip is for you. 

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Idolized numbers

In the short four months that I have transitioned my diary like Tumblr blog in to a public platform I've learned that in this influencer community numbers are huge in just about every aspect of social media. For some its a major factor on how much they are getting paid (If a social media platform is a source of income) or for the common folk its just hitting 100 likes on instagram for the heck of it ,but for all of us it seems like we see our worthiness in some arrangement of numbers. 


Ive heard time and time again people not understanding why a certain picture didn't have high engagement and it proceeds to bring insecurity.. it begins to create the idea that our beauty and success is held in numbers. We can't allow lies to become truth and the only way we do that is taking its power. The number of likes or views we receive can't hold us captive and if we know that je na sais quoi is deeper than outer appearance the numbers won't matter.


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My Favorite Red Lip | Beso by Stila
If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack
— Coco Chanel

Everyone has their favorite accessory that they add to their outfit that seems to bring the look together. For some its their favorite diamond studs or the Gucci bag they spent their entire tax return check on (yes I'm calling you out) but for me its been my fav red lip. 

This is not like any other red lipstick, it's perfect. The blue undertone in Beso makes your teeth look whiter which is great for coffee lovers like myself. She dries completely matte for an ALL day wear and is not only great for holiday parties but can be worn to spruce up your casual tee.

I know for many women wearing red lipstick takes them completely out of their comfort zone but once you try Beso you won't regret it. 



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