SNS Dip powder | The best thing that'll happen to your nails



One of the most therapeutic things for me is painting my nails, i've gotten so good that I can paint perfectly with my non dominant left hand. Your nails can complete your outfit look but also deflect attention if they aren't in the best condition. Since I took a break from the nail salon I was searching for budget friendly polishes and base/top coats, oddly enough I found awesome brands including OPI, Essie, and Sally Henson for a discounted price at Tj Maxx and Marshalls. Using regular polishes gave me the salon manicure look but in the comfort of my home, while also saving a couple $$$. The downside to the at home manicure is not the price but the life span of the manicure. If I take my time and lay a hardening base coat with 2-3 coats of polish on top and then seal it with a fast drying top coat my nails will be chip free for about 6-8 days (which isn't horrible but sometimes that just doesn't cut it). 

I finally got fed up with my nails looking like a chipped hot mess and decided to try this "dip" thing everyone is raving about and girrrrrllllllll BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! Although my manicures no longer cost $4-$6 its well worth the investment. I currently get my nails done every 2-3 weeks (depending on if I get tired of the color but never because of chipping). My dip manicures usually cost between $35-$40+TIP but depending on the area the price may fluctuate. The dipping powder is supposed to be healthier for your nails than gel and especially acrylic. If you're looking for a odorless twist to acrylic then girl dip is for you. 

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