Being genuine



I wanted to have this post done before or on Thanksgiving to give you an inside scoop on some black Friday deals to take advantage of but as I was gathering links and resizing pictures for the post I just wasn’t satisfied with it. I realized the only reason I was doing a post for Black Friday was because every other blogger was doing so as well and it felt right at the time but I’m so glad I didn’t….



As millennials, I feel like the most common flaw you find in us is the desire to be like someone else. We have a habit of taking inspiration and shifting into being a wannabe and that’s exactly what I want to avoid. As a fellow follower to all the top fashion bloggers in this industry I know what a certain audience will respond positively to but I also know when something doesn’t feel genuine to a specific influencer (which is an instant turnoff). So, my goal is to always be genuine, to stick with content that I like and to always stay true to my audience. I want my content to hold substance and to not just dwell around the shiny things in life. At the end of the day you’ll wipe off your makeup, throw your hair in a bun, and grab some pajamas to put on & when that happens I want my content to still have an impact on our true everyday lives.

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P.S (this is what happens when your bf is impatient) these pictures are RAW af... I was just standing there while Chris snapped them 


Turtle neck: Marshalls

Scarf: Marshalls

Necklace: J. Crew

Pants: Bloomingdales

Boots: Cole Haan

Red lipstick: Stila (Besos) 

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