When you don't reach your goals



As I reflect on the past year the number one question I was asked was “what are you up to Iman?” and if I can be honest I hated that question. I didn’t hate the question because I had no response but because it wasn’t the response I wanted to give. If 2016 Iman was responding to the question the sassy response would be “Oh, nothing just being fabulous while finishing school to be on track to graduate in December of 2017”. Fast-forward to now, 2017 Iman would say “Oh, nothing just trying to figure out my place in life” and no, I didn’t graduate but that’s the point.

In 2016, I set goals for myself that were achievable but they just weren’t what God had for me. Life changed in what seemed a second and everything shifted. My plans, my goals, and everything I wanted for myself (which was disappointing to say the least). I prayed consistently for understanding and guidance but it seemed like God stopped listening & definitely wasn’t responding. I watched people walk the stage without me and achieve the goals I set the prior year and it broke me.

In what seemed like brokenness I dwelled on the understanding that whatever God has for me is for me and WILL come to pass (this didn’t happen overnight btw). I had to realize that I can set as many goals for myself but if they aren’t in God’s will for my life it won’t happen in my time but in his. So with that being said I have no idea when I’ll be graduating but I know that it will be in the right time, God’s time.

As we are approach the new year I encourage y’all to still make your goals and set challenges for yourselves but also know if December of 2018 rolls around and your goals aren’t met know that God’s timing is better than whatever we can plan for ourselves.

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