Self Check


 Everyone has heard the saying, "Comparison is the thief of joy" but we don't grasp the true depth of it until it relates to our personal circumstance. As women (well at least for most) we seem to be masters of comparing, it almost comes natural. Its the act of comparing two or more items to establish similarities and differences which can drive a girl crazy with insecurity.

The presence of one woman’s beauty or success is NOT the lack of your own

For the longest I couldn't figure out why I was uncomfortable with giving genuine compliments to other women or why someone else giving a compliment to someone other than me also made me uncomfortable ,but its because I was comparing them to myself.  It didn't click that I wasn't always the only attractive one in the room and that someone elses outfit could be just as cute. Of course I wasn't writing down a pros and cons list and comparing the two but the thought of someone out shining me took me to a dark place.


After finally becoming comfortable in my own skin I understand no one can steal my shine but me. I want to encourage all you beautiful ladies out there to admire each other, to not see one another as competitors but teammates. As women we have so much against us already why not push through the odds together? 


Photo Cred: Thank you Audrie for capturing me just being me

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