The Target shorts that you NEED

Floral print is everywhere this season y’all and to be honest I’m not a huge fan. But if you’re like me and enjoy a pop of print but on the opposite end of the spectrum these shorts will do the job. 

I've never been the one to wear floral or any type of plant clothing in general but these shorts did it for me. Not only are they high waisted, super cute, green, but they're just $24.99 at Target! So do yourself a favor and snag them while they're still in stock.



Tomato red sweater|LOFT

If it aint broke why fix it
— someones uncle

While purging my clothing purchases of 2017 I realized a pattern of brands in my closet and I'm not talking about 5 or 6 in rotation but more like 2 and they may even count as one due to their sister ownership. (I guess it doesn't help I work there also)

For the longest, I had this idea that LOFT was a store for the older ladies (and I don't mean that negatively) & before last month I couldn't remember the last time I had stepped foot in there but in the beginning of the year I told my self I would step out of my J.Crew/Madewell bubble and dabble into more brands and girl am I glad I did.

This sweater is one of my current favs, not only does the color look BOMB against my skin but its so stinking cute! I wanted the bright red color to be paired with delicate feminine accessories that could easily be interchanged. 

Im excited to discover and introduce more awesome brands for us!



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The J.crew sweater i've been LIVING in

The sweater: If you know me, you know my obsession with tunic shirts and sweaters(If they don't reach my knees I don't want anything to do with it) and this one definitely did it for me. Not only is the color great on every complexion but its made it through the brutal Texas winter sometimes giving me the option to ditch my layering jacket and just add a scarf. 


The jeans: Okay, as much as I LOVE J.crew their jeans just don't do me justice, I wish I could insert pictures of my butt splits in my jeans that were PG to prove it. My thigh, hip ratio is just too much for their jeans so I decided to try Target's brand Mossimo and girrrlll one of the best decisions of my life. Not only are they SUPER cute but the stretch and fit on these come short to nun. 

The scarf: No one has time to be spending $400+ on a seasonal Burberry scarf when you can head to your nearest Marshalls and grab the look alike for $14. (Seriously, don't sleep on Marshalls they have heeeaaattt)


The boots: My old faithful suede black booties that are no longer in stock but ill link some similar favorites. 

The watch: My obsession continues with this beautiful rose gold watch with a rich caramel band great for pairing with neutrals and reds. 


Photo cred: Check out Audrie at Sweetmemoryphotos!

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Velvet & Camo | J.Crew


So guys, one my favorite things to do right now is to mix & match textures and patterns in an outfit, which can be intimidating if you aren’t used to it. Up until now I haven't been into the idea of bringing velvet back into my wardrobe (especially crushed velvet) but I decided to give it a try & I think I'm obsessed. Not only does mixing fabrics add a sweet eclectic feel to your outfit but also can bring pieces to life. 


I had the skirt and graphic tee idea in mind for a while now but needed a layering piece to pull it together and of course it was between a camo & denim jacket. With the black, grey, and cream in the base, camo was obviously the best choice. I paired it with my favorite grey suede blocked booties & a crocodile printed tote. Usually, I go for a preppy laid back look but this time around I’m glad I switched it up. 


Outfit Details

Camo Jacket  (Small)

Tee  (Small)

Skirt (4)


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